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Come Fly With Us

Whether you're an experienced R/C pilot or flying for your first time, Western New York Sailplane and Electric Flyers has a place for you to fly and friends to fly with.

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NOTE:  NEW DAY - 3rd Wednesday

Wednesday, August 19th, 2022 - 7:00pm

Danny's South

Big Tree Road at Abbott Road, Orchard Park, NY


R/C Sailplanes is how WNYSEF got its start.  We fly all kinds - Hand-Launch/DLG, 2-Meter, Open Class, and Slope.  The club used to fly primarily at the Erie Community College South Campus and we fly slope gliders off a hill in East Otto.  See the calendar below for a listing of upcoming events.

Electric Powered

With the evolution of electric motor and battery technology, WNYSEF has incorporated more and more electric-powered aircraft into its repertoire.  From power-assist-launch gliders, to scale, to aerobatic, to helicopters and quad-copters, our members fly all kinds of electric R/C aircraft. 


During the winter months it is too cold to fly outdoors much, so we move indoors to the gymnasium at the Erie Community College South Campus.  There, we fly micro flyers, 3D foamies, helicopters, quad-copters, and anything that is small and works well in limited space.  


Join our members and virtually strap yourself into the model aircraft to fly with real-time cameras on board that are connected to goggles for the FPV (First Person view) experience! 

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