Event Calendar

Indoor Fun Flys
Updated for 2022-23
  • ECC Closure Hotline:  (716) 851-1111

  • Contact: Tom Koszuta - (716) 930-9130

  • Location: ECC South Campus gym - Building 6

  • Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm (Saturday evenings)

  • Entry Fee: $15 per pilot. (a Season Pass is available for $100, if purchased by or at the 3rd session)

  • Format: Fun Fly - Bring any electric-powered aircraft that can fly safely in a gymnasium. Electric-powered micro-flyers, 3D airplanes, helicopters, and quadcopters are all welcome.

  • NOTE:  The baskets have been removed, but artificial turf has been added to the gym.  Adjust your aircraft as necessary.  

Outdoor Fun Flys
  • Location: ECC South Campus Flying field (See "Flying Sites" for location)

  • Time: No schedule, but the prime hours are expected to be 10-12. If you want to see your buddies, then this is the best time to be there.

  • Entry Fee: None

  • Format: Fun Fly - Bring any sailplane or electric-powered aircraft that does not require a special AMA waiver. Note that hi-starts are generally discouraged except when the wind has a significant Northern component.

NOTE!!!  If the National Weather Service forecasts winds of 20MPH or more for the day of an outdoor flying event, that event is automatically cancelled.